Art for every season

I happened to be browsing Pinterest today and I spotted a watercolour painting that was perfectly Summer which inspired this short blog post.


This is the painting that inspired this post. I love this, it’s Summer perfection. There is something about watercolour paintings in general I think that really suits the way the Summer colours go together. Even the brown of the coffee is a compliant rose brown.


The solid texture of this combined with the colours is what makes Autumn spring to mind when I look at this. When searching for images I also spotted ‘The Golden Forest’ by¬†Klimt. He uses a lot of Autumn colours in his work.


There is an innocence about this that I think really suits the Spring palette. It’s also youthful and fun.


This is perfect Winter: the contrast of the black and white, the bright colours and the drama.

It was a struggle to pick just one piece of art for each season so I suspect they’ll be more blog posts like this in future! ūüôā

Wrap bracelets for every season

I have to confess I’m a little obsessed with wrap bracelets at the moment, I got this one for my birthday:


Sadly it’s out of stock now, but it is perfect for a Summer. The silver grey against my skin is low contrast and it goes with literally¬†everything in my wardrobe.


When it comes to wrap bracelets, Autumns are spoilt for choice especially on Etsy. The gold marbling on the beads is just perfection.


I love this one especially because the texture on the beads is really beautiful and very fitting for an Autumn:


Victoria Emerson have a fabulous Autumn wrap bracelet too.


If I was being super fussy I’d say the first¬†two are better choices because the Victoria Emerson one has silver hardware ūüėČ


This is a lovely low-contrast grey bracelet for a Summer.


This purple is perfect and I especially love the iridescent beads.


A very pretty soft pink bracelet:



The shiny gold hearts are great for Springs especially paired with the turquoise beads and tan cord.


Gold hardware and warm green leather, what’s not to love?


Not technically a wrap bracelet but the colours are too perfect not to include it:



A lovely charcoal grey for a Winter, would probably suit a Deep Summer too.


Black with bright blue beads, a great combination:


Black again with a bit of bling this time.


I struggled to find Spring and Winter wrap bracelets actually, Autumn was by the far the easiest to find. In terms of style type, these would be an obvious choice for a Natural which might explain the plethora of natural rich earthy Autumn colours ūüôā

Outfits for an Autumn

I had the pleasure of draping a delightful Autumn yesterday and, as a result, I’m feeling very inspired about the Autumn palette. What’s not to love when you find yourself describing the colours in terms of food and nature? Toffee, butterscotch, apple, coffee, chocolate and caramel. Cinnamon, cumin, olive and turmeric. Conker, peacock, kingfisher and pumpkin, greens in olive, grass, leaf. Such wonderful imagery.

One question that frequently pops up regardless of season is, what colour shoes should I wear if I can’t wear black? A very legitimate question which inspired a Pinterest board, the highlights of which I shall delight you with here.

You can’t go wrong with brown shoes. Brown is Autumn’s version of black. There is something very reassuring about leather shoes I think that really suits the Autumn palette. Pewter (assuming it’s bronze enough), camel, beige, rust, even teal are all great colours for shoes. Gold is fabulous for sandals, flip flops, ballet pumps and evening footwear. Brown is quite easy to find in boots. A pair of brown suede boots would surely be the perfect investment buy for any Autumn (just be sure to purchase them with some waterproofing suede spray).

Brown leather shoes

This bag is spectacular. I think I may have gasped when I stumbled upon it. Even the brushed gold hardware is spot on. My Autumn envy kicked in hard. Such a delicious dark olive colour.

Dark olive green satchel with brushed gold hardware

What a fabulous teal cardigan. It would look great with a rust camisole underneath.

Teal long cardigan

Autumns do have a navy in their palette but it is a warmer navy that can be tricky to find in the shops. As you can see, the navy denim jeans look great with the teal here, so I don’t think the navy need be completely spot on to work. Denim is a perfect fabric for Autumns.

How amazing is this rust dress?

Rust maxi dress from Monsoon

The necklace they’ve picked out to wear with it is spot on too. I love how even the background colour is perfect. The model could well be an Autumn with those brown eyes.

These tan sandals would go very well with the dress. They would also work for a Spring.

Tan sandals with gold hardware

Coral ballet pumps, so very pretty for the summer with a dress:

Coral crochet ballet pumps from new Look

These would also work for Springs I think.

Rose gold is fabulous in jewellery. This rose gold ring with pink sapphires is heavenly.

14K Rose Gold Pink Sapphire Ring from Etsy

Last of the highlights – a brushed gold star necklace. I had to include this because the texture on the star is just perfect.

Estella Bartlett Gold Metal Star Necklace from John Lewis

Here is the rest of the board – enjoy!

Everyone should own a Little RED Dress

According to studies done by A. J. Elliot et al (documented in his Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and his¬†Journal of Experimental Social Psychology), red enhances women’s attractiveness to men, an effect that is apparently universal. This probably doesn’t come as any great surprise when you think about the colour and how it is used in marketing (Special K lady anyone?). It’s certainly a powerful colour, and often a colour that many veer away from for fear it might draw attention to them. Ironically it’s likely to be one of the most flattering colours you could own.

The wonderful thing about red is that every season has a shade that flatters them.

Spring has poppy red, a warm bright red that looks especially striking when worn as a lipstick with a top/dress in a similar colour.

Spring’s warm poppy red

Summer has a cool cherry red that’s a bit more pink and soft in comparison to Winter’s red. A Deep Summer would also look incredible in a deep claret red (burgundy).

Summer’s soft cherry red

Autumn’s red looks like burnt orange and red mixed together to form a warm muted red.

Autumn’s brick red

Autumn could also wear a softer version of Spring’s poppy red, which looks more red than the brick.

Winter’s red is cool, dramatic and uncompromising. A Winter can wear true primary red, scarlet, claret or crimson.

Scarlet red tunic

So, have I persuaded you yet? The Dress Spot is a brilliant website if you are looking for a dress in a particular colour. Perfect for finding your own Little Red Dress!

Jewellery for Autumns and Winters


Autumn looks best in antiqued, warm earthy metals. Texture is important too. Brushed gold will look better than a light, bright yellow shiny gold (which will look better on a Spring).

Rose gold is beautiful too, and Morganite makes a stunning peachy alternative to a traditional diamond if you happen to be looking for an engagement ring. It is considerably cheaper too.

Heart Shaped Morganite 14K Rose Gold Engagement Ring, Etsy from £196.80
Heart-shaped Morganite 14K Rose Gold Engagement Ring, Etsy from £196.80

This coin necklace from Stella & Dot is also perfect. Note the satin finish and antique feel.

Rio single strand coin necklace, £51 in the sale, Stella & Dot
Rio single strand coin necklace, £51 in the sale, Stella & Dot

Peridot is a wonderful gemstone for Autumns.

9ct Gold Peridot Figure of Eight Drop Earrings, £39.99 H Samuel
9ct Gold Peridot Figure of Eight Drop Earrings, £39.99 H Samuel

Brass, especially if it is antiqued, is fabulous. Interestingly, Summers can also get away with antiqued brass as it isn’t as yellow as some of the warmer metals.

Bronze Antique Skeleton Key Long Necklace. around £11 from Etsy
Bronze Antique Skeleton Key Long Necklace. around £11 from Etsy

Copper is nothing short of perfection. No other season can handle such gorgeous rich warmth. The texture is stunning on this necklace too.

Copper Fringe Necklace, around £32 from Etsy.
Copper Fringe Necklace, around £32 from Etsy.

I have to confess I’ve been lusting after this beautiful vintage ring myself for a while but have resisted what with it being gold (and me being a Summer). I’m hoping I can convince my lovely Autumn friend she needs it ūüėČ

Antique Art Nouveau Lady Moon Ring 14K approximately £228, Etsy
Antique Art Nouveau Lady Moon Ring 14K approximately £228 from Etsy


Platinum and mirror shine rhodium-plating were made for Winters. Your typical platinum or white gold engagement ring (rhodium-plated of course) with a big sparkly diamond will look completely at home on the hand of a Winter.

The Tiffany Setting engagement ring, 1ct from £8,525
The Tiffany Setting engagement ring, 1ct from £8,525

Some Winters who lean warm might be able to handle gold but this is risky. Silver-coloured metals will always look wonderful, the shinier the better.

0.65ct Natural Pear Cut Purple Amethyst Pendant Necklace 14k White Gold, approximately £131 from Etsy
0.65ct Natural Pear Cut Purple Amethyst Pendant Necklace 14k White Gold, approximately £131 from Etsy

For Winters, diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. As are most bright, cool, saturated gemstones ūüėČ

Oval Ruby and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White Gold, £295.20 from Etsy
Oval Ruby and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White Gold, £295.20 from Etsy

With regards to gemstones, Winters truly are spoilt for choice. Most are cool and bright, such as tanzanite, emerald, ruby, sapphire and amethyst.

Princess-Cut Emerald Stackable Ring For Women 14k White Gold, around £433 from Etsy
Princess-cut Emerald Stackable Ring 14k White Gold, around £433 from Etsy

AAA tanzanite, which has the distinctive dark blue hue, is quite expensive so you might be better off going for a synthetic version. The lighter, more common lilac version is still pretty though, and reminiscent of your icy pastels.

D'Yach 14k White Gold Tanzanite Stud Earrings, £126.49
D’Yach 14k White Gold Tanzanite Stud Earrings, ¬£126.49 from

Autumn Natural Ingénue

Another Polyvore, this time for an Autumn. I’ve always loved the rich colours. In terms of style I believe this would be Soft Natural in Kibbe, Natural Ing√©nue in House of Colour‚Äôs system and probably Spicy Autumn (Sensuous Backpacker) according to Zyla.

Autumn Natural Ingénue

Accessorize gold handbag

A B Davis gold ring

Pendant necklace

Monsoon teal scarve

Models Own matte nail polish

Rainbow’s Gold Earrings

Skin undertones and overtones

There seems to be a lot of (very understandable) confusion around skin undertones and overtones. If you’ve had your colours analysed you’ll know that your undertone determines what season you are and yet your undertone is invisible. If you are an Autumn or Spring it can be said you have warm undertones; conversely if you are a Summer or Winter it can be said you have cool undertones.¬†Colour analysis is not about overtones. If it were, women who wear the same foundation would be the same Season.

People often think undertone is skin colour – it’s not. Your undertone is invisible. Your overtone however, is not invisible. It’s the visible colour of your skin.¬†When purchasing foundation both overtone and undertone are important. Some companies have finally cottoned on to undertones. Cosmetics companies who understand undertones and overtones are much more likely to have a foundation shade that matches your skin. Shopping for foundation becomes a lot easier. Your overtone might look yellow, or pink, brown or peachy. It might be described as sand, beige, ivory, biscuit or ebony. All common foundation names. Your undertone might be described by cosmetics companies as ‘pink’ or ‘rose’ if it is cool and ‘yellow’ or ‘golden’ if it is warm.

There is also such a thing as a false overtone. This is the colour your skin can appear to turn when you are wearing the wrong colour. When I wear khaki I look jaundiced. A Winter wearing the wrong colour might look ruddy in the face.

What influences your undertone? There is no definitive answer to this, but it is generally considered that the following are factors:

  • Oxygenated (red) or non-oxygenated (blue) blood vessels that run under the surface of the skin.
  • Melanin (which also influences hair and eye colour). The more melanin in the skin, the darker the skin tone.
  • Skin thickness. This varies by Season and influences how much colour shows through.
  • Carotene, which gives skin a yellow hue.

The only way to find out whether you have cool or warm undertones is by having your colours analysed in person. Some people offer online colour analysis where you send them a series of photos. I love the idea of it, but unfortunately it’s often inaccurate. It’s impossible to simply look at someone and tell what season they are (although I’m often asked to do this! ūüėČ ). During an in-person colour analysis session it’s important that you see the way the colours change your skin, in real time, in front of the mirror. Watching your skin react and your face change is all part of the (deeply exciting) process.