A natural look for a Winter

Winters are one of the higher contrast seasons. They can look completely fantastic in fuchsia pink, electric blue, emerald green… I could go on. But whilst a newly-identified Winter might be comfortable embracing a True Red scarf, bright makeup can be another matter altogether. If you’ve only just been diagnosed as a Winter and you’re not someone who usually wears much makeup, the jump can feel huge.

As you might imagine, I have some advice!

Tinted lip balm is something that feels much more accessible than a ‘proper’ lipstick. For Winters I love Maybelline Baby Lips in the shade ‘Pink Shock’ (currently available on Amazon for £2.08 including delivery). It layers well, meaning you can increase the colour intensity as you grow in confidence, and you also don’t need a mirror to apply it. It looks bright in the tube, but comes out sheer to begin with. (Lip gloss is also good for this reason – make sure the colours you’re picking look bright!)


Image result for maybelline baby lips pink shock
Maybelline Baby Lips in the shade ‘Pink Shock’

MAC Diva is a burgundy lipstick which is less daunting than bright red, and less intimidating than hot pink or fuchsia.

Image result for mac diva
MAC Diva (full review by Petite Sal here: http://www.petite-sal.com/2015/06/review-mac-diva.html)

Steel grey works well as an eye shadow.

People often feel more comfortable emphasising eyes over lips, as has been done so expertly here. The icy pink lipstick is perfect. A typical ‘neutral’ nude lipstick would almost certainly be too warm.

Whatever you opt for, keep it cool. Think ruby, crimson, raspberry, not coral, peach or honey. And remember, just because it looks bright in the tube doesn’t mean it looks bright on you. If you put it on your face and your face looks grey or dusty, you need to go cooler and brighter.

Icy pastels work well as eye shadows – very pale pinks, blues and greens.

Ignore anyone who prescribes certain colours for certain eye colours.

Don’t skimp on the blush – it is buildable, so you can start with a tiny amount and work your way up. You’ll find you’ll start getting the ‘you look well’ compliments when you wear it.

Mascara and eyeliner are easy – black is fine, charcoal is a great option and I’d argue a better all-rounder. Eyeliners are fun to play with and cover less of the face than, say, eye shadow but are just as impactful. Try electric blue or purple.

How beautiful is this? A tiny amount of product = big impact. (Full post here.)

I completely understand that being handed a bright pink lipstick and being told you look wonderful in it can be hard to believe if you’ve only just been diagnosed. There are ways of easing yourself in gently, though. And you never know – one day you might just try the bright pink lipstick and fall in love 🙂


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