An Autumn Celebrity – Birdy

It’s quite unusual for me to venture an opinion on a celebrity’s season. However, I will make an exception for Birdy. She is getting it so, so right.

I watched a video of her on YouTube today and she is perfectly in focus, which is so rare for someone in the spotlight. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I think she’s even wearing brown mascara, clever thing. I notice her eyes and the line around her iris. She often wears Autumn coloured clothes. She is utterly hypnotic. Her make-up is Autumn perfection.


Photos can be airbrushed easily enough if someone is wearing the wrong colour (the image still won’t look right though). Videos are much harder:

She does seem to be drawn to Autumn colours. Look at how rich her hair looks in this gorgeous rust jacket. Her skin glows. Her blusher is a warm coral and looks completely perfect on her skin. It brings to life her delicate cheekbones. No black fake eyelashes trying to steal the show.


I love how even on her first album she’s wearing a rust jumper and peach skirt. Only her black boots stand out as not quite fitting the picture. My attention is drawn down to them. It’s funny how black does that. Even in small quantities on the wrong person it’s so demanding.

Birdy's first album cover

I do sometimes see Birdy in black, and wearing black mascara too. Look how it is stealing the limelight here:


Let’s finish on a high though. Her single Wings is beautiful if you haven’t already heard it, and apart from her black trousers and boots, she’s Autumn perfection.

Make-up for Summers #1

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite make-up finds for Summers. PLEASE NOTE: If you can’t see the images in this post, then you may need to click on the title to see the post in full (and to see the embedded pins from Pinterest).

Swapping black mascara for navy is, in my opinion, one of the most important changes a newly-diagnosed Summer can make. No7 do a great mascara in the perfect navy (beware – some companies will label electric blue as navy, only Winters can pull that look off). I stock up on this every time it goes on special offer. It doesn’t clump, it adds plenty of volume and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. This mascara can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.

I absolutely love House of Colour’s eye pencils. Navy and Lagoon are spectacular on a Summer.

I’ve had this MUA eye shadow for a while (shade number 7). It was given to me by a friend when she was having a clear out. I absolutely adore it. I do find greens can be hard to find, as they are often too saturated for a Summer. It sits on the face really well and goes on very smoothly. I can’t believe it’s only £1.

Another eye shadow that I love is this one from The Body Shop:

I think it would be suitable for Winters too due to the darker side. The wonderful thing about this eyeshadow is that it mixes really well so you can go very dark (perfect for Winters) or very light. It’s a very delicate silver, reminds me of brushed silver and therefore perfect for a Summer. Really beautiful. You can of course mix the two, too! Just be careful you don’t go too dark.

House of Colour do some fabulous Summer lipsticks. They can be a bit dry though, so I’d always recommend putting some Vaseline on first before applying them. Cherry is a grrrreat Summer red. It does amazing things to one’s eyes.

MAC lipsticks are lovely. They are very creamy. I heartily recommend Syrup and Plumful.

Syrup is a very natural lip colour on a Summer and perfect for every day.

I couldn’t live without my House of Colour blusher (B37 Clover), I use it every single day. I chucked my old one away only yesterday as it had finally run out and I worked out it had lasted me over three-and-a-half years!! Cost per wear? 0.007p!

Do you have any Summer make-up recommendations?